About us

15 years of experience in the distribution of surge arresters. Basis for effective service to our customers.Heiko Wiedenbach / Area Sales Manager
"Loving the world, but living in Thuringia"Thomas Mangols / Area Sales Manager
"From the Middle East, for the Middle East"Hosseinmahdi Soheilipour /Area Sales Manager
Test engineer with 20 years work experienceFriedhelm Blöthner / Test Engineer

Since more than 50 years we manufacture top quality surge arresters in our factory in Hermsdorf/Germany.

At the same time our company looks back to a history of more than 100 years.

Today TRIDELTA Surge Arresters stand for worldwide best quality, highest reliability and free of maintenance over their whole service life. Our portfolio of metaloxide surge arresters for system voltages from 1 kV up to 800 kV  is completed by customized arrester solutions for special applications.

Our surge arresters are in reliable service in more than 120 countries worldwide and prove successfully their duty even under the most severe climatic conditions.

Since 2015 Tridelta is part of Meiden Corporation with Headquarters in Japan.





High Voltage Insulator „DELTA-Glocke”


Start manufacturing of porcelain insulators


Start manufacturing of 110 kV insulators


Start manufacturing of surge arresters


development of first 400 kV surge arrester


Manufacturing of metaloxide varistor surge arresters


Introduction of surge arresters with silicone housing


development of first 800 kV surge arrester


Introduction cage design surge arresters


Tridelta becomes part of international Meidensha Group

Pictures are provided by "Verein für Regional- und Technikgeschichte e.V. Hermsdorf"

Quality management and environmental protection

„Customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement - the way to secure the future.”

Tridelta Meidensha GmbH maintains a process-oriented quality and environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. The system, the processes, technologies, procedures and activities are described in the management documentation. These documents define the specifications for all business processes, in particular the quality and environmental planning as well as the development and production of high-quality and environmentally friendly products and their testing.

The manufacturing of our products is carried out according to the requirement of IEC 60099-4 standard. All products must be individually examined with calibrated measuring equipment before delivery. A corresponding certificate of conformity shall be drawn up for each article.


Tridelta Test Laboratory

Tridelta has a modern and highly efficient high-voltage laboratory, in which any surge arrester related tests according IEC 60099-4 like type tests or customer acceptance tests can be carried out.

Testing Facilities

  • impulse generator up to 1.2 MV
  • 600 kV power frequency voltage transformer
  • varistor test facility IP 225/100
  • 100 kA high current impulse generator
  • long wave generator for line discharge classes 1 - 5
  • 5000 hour weather ageing test facility
  • climatic chamber for -40°C to +100°C
  • mechanical bending and tensile test facility for up to 30 000 N

Our development department is certified according to ISO 9001.