DC Arresters

TRIDELTA offers surge arresters up to 4,8 kV DC for rolling stock, tram or streetcars or for protection of DC equipment and overhead lines.

These surge arresters are recognized by highest reliability and available either with Porcelain or Silicon housings.

Our Products

Technical Data

Product   SBKB SBB
Highest System Voltage Us kV    
max. Rated Voltage Ur kV 4,8 4,8
max. Nominal Discharge Current In (at 8/20 µs waveshape) kA 10 10
max. Thermal Energy Absorption Capability kJ per kV of Ur   10 10
max. Line Discharge Class   4 4
High Current Withstand Strength 4/10 µs kA 100 100
max. low Current Withstand Strength 2 ms A 1.000 1.000
max. Short Circuit / Pressure Relief Capability kA - 0,2s kA 40 40
Mechanical Strength: Specific short-term load SSL Nm    


  • Bombardier Transportation, Germany
  • Elpro Energo / Skoda, Czech Republik
  • Surgetek Ltd. / Transnet, South Africa
  • Meiden Pte. Ltd. Singapore