High Voltage Overview

TRIDELTA offers a broad portfolio on surge arresters for the application on high voltage up to 800 kV:

  • the reliable SB series with porcelain housing and
  • with the series SBK, SBKC and SBKT three designs with silicone housing

All TRIDELTA designs contain an excellent sealing system, which prevent the entry of any moisture and ensure decades of reliability and free of maintencance operation. The broad sorts of TRIDELTA surge arresters offer optimal overvoltage protection for different demand and application areas like:

  • highest mechanical requirement for regions with high seismic activity or for the use of arrester as supporter
  • very proper artificial pollution characteristics for desert- and coast regions and areas with high air pollution

Besides the reliable SB arresters with porcelain housing TRIDELTA offers three arrester designs with silicone housing. All the three types use high quality LSR-silicone, which has a long life hydrophobicity and UV resistance and ensures excellent artificial pollution characteristics. In comparison to porcelain arresters, silicone arresters have less weight, which enable an easy transportation, minimize the danger of damages during the transportation and assembling stage and allows all variants of installation like e.g. the application as transmission line arresters.

The difference between the three TRIDELTA arrester designs with silicon housing SBK, SBKC and SBKT lies in their design and setup, which are described in the following overview:

Übersicht Ableiter-Designs