Medium Voltage Indoor Applications

Our medium voltage arresters are used for protection of medium voltage networks and devices against overvoltage caused by lightning and switching surges.

Specially developed indoor medium voltage arresters are particularly suitable for the protection of transformers, switchgear and cable terminations in closed spaces.

These arresters are available with different connectors and can be customized to adjust to a given space. 

Surge arresters with silicone insulated cable for connection to SF6 facilities are also available on request.

We look forward to your request!

Our Products

Technical Data

Product   SBK-0 SBK-0 isol. cable
Highest System Voltage Us kV 52 52
max. Rated Voltage Ur kV 51 51
max. Nominal Discharge Current In (at 8/20 µs waveshape) kA 10 10
max. Thermal Energy Absorption Capability kJ per kV of Ur   2,8 2,8
max. Line Discharge Class   1 1
High Current Withstand Strength 4/10 µs kA 100 100
max. low Current Withstand Strength 2 ms A 250 250
max. Short Circuit / Pressure Relief Capability kA - 0,2s kA 20 20
Mechanical Strength: Specific short-term load SSL Nm 230 230


  • Siemens AG, Germany
  • Ritter Starkstromtechnik, Germany
  • Tamin Tablo Eshtehard Co., Iran
  • SGB USA Inc., USA
  • Lockwell Electrical Distributors, UK