Transmission Line Arresters

For more and more cases surge arresters are applied as transmission line arresters besides the typical application as station arresters.

Line arresters are an effective and economical option to protect existing as well as new transmission lines against lightning overvoltages in order to increase grid reliability and availability of transmission lines. Line arresters are suitable especially for line sections with low earthing impedance of the line towers, areas with high lightning activity, transmission lines without shield wire protection and for transmission lines with very high demand to their availability.

TRIDELTA offers NGLA-type line arresters (Non Gapped Line Arrester) based on our arrester series SBK and SBKC with silicone housing, completed by a variety of corresponding connecting and assembling variants e.g. wire clamps ensuring an easy installation to different tower-, insulator- and line configurations.

We are pleased to offer you a solution, which fits to your situation, please contact us!

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Technical Data

Product   SBKL class 2 SBKL class 3 SBKC size 0 SBKC size II
*higher ratings for line
arrester applications (TLA)
available on request
Highest System Voltage Us kV 300 550 170 362*
max. Rated Voltage Ur kV 240 444 144 288*
max. Nominal Discharge Current In (at 8/20 µs waveshape) kA 10 10 10 10
max. Thermal Energy Absorption Capability kJ per kV of Ur 4,5 7 5 10
max. Line Discharge Class   2 3 2 4
Qrs (accord. IEC 60099-4 Edt. 3.0   1,2 2,0 1,2 2,8
High Current Withstand Strength 4/10 µs kA 100 100 100 100
max. low Current Withstand Strength 2 ms A 600 1000 500 1.500
max. Short Circuit / Pressure Relief Capability - 0,2s kA 40 40 40 63
Mechanical Strength: Specific short-term load SSL Nm 500 1100 1.200 4.000


  • 362 kV, Furnas Brazil
  • 145 kV, Vattenfall Duvet, Sweden
  • 72,5 kV PLN, Indonesia
  • 110 kV, Czech Republik
  • 72,5 kV, Callao, Perú
  • 245 kV, A Luoi Transmission Line, Viet Nam
  • 245 kV, Philippines